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A Message from the Nannabytes

Come join us!

There are too few words that can express the respect, adoration and admiration I have for you. You’ve been an overwhelmingly positive influence in my life, and an incredibly bright star in a dark sky for so many of us. So, thank you Nanna.. Thank you for making us laugh and making us cry. Thank you for building us up and supporting us when we fall down. Thank you for allowing us to be human beings and loving us anyway. Thank you for all that you do. Happy birthday!

Forever your friend


Happy birthday wonderful, dearest, Nanna! Can’t believe I am lucky enough to live when you’re gracing this Earth with your presence AND being close enough to be able to meet you in person every now and then.

I hope you have an amazing birthday with lots of bubbly and cake!


Nanna, thank you for being one of my closest friends and a member of my chosen family. The kindness you show all of us is impossible to repay. You truly are the best kind of human. my life would quite literally not be the same without you. I hope this this chapter of your life is as kind and generous as you are to us. Hope you have a great birthday and love your damn face.


Happy Birthday MrsNanna! Thank you so much for always making me smile and just being such a positive force in the universe. I hope you have the best birthday ever ^_^ love you!!!

Happy Birthday Nanna, welcome to the 40 club. Keep rocking on what you do and love!


Happy Level up Day Nanna hop you have an epic celebration. Thank you for being such in incredibly sweet, kind and loving person and all the support you’ve given up both on and offline.

Happy beautiful birthday Mrs Nanna! Thank you for being the absolute amazing person that you are!

Happy birthday, Nanna! I will always be thankful that I happened to come into your stream, through Stream Raiders, on 26 December 2020!

Hi Mrs. Beautiful human being. Happy escape-the-womb day. You don’t look a day over 30, my love. I hope you are having the best of days, the bestest of times. I love you. You are amazing, incredible and so contagious with your loving nature. I appreciate all you do for every single one of us in your community, and the time and effort you put into your streams. You are such a shining star for everyone of us.

Happy birthday Nanna! Hoping you have an amazing day! Lots of hugs and love!


Happy Birthday to my favourite Swede. Javisst ska hon leva uti hundrade år!


Happy Birthday, Nanna! I love you and I really appreciate you. Our friendship means a lot to me, and I hope that we get to meet many more times. I have some hugs to give! I wish you a wonderful future!


Happy birthday to one of the most caring, genuine, and beautiful people I’ve ever come across. You bring light and warmth everywhere you go, and I thank you for bringing a little light to my life every time I see you. I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are, and that you spend this year receiving all of the same positivity and happiness that you consistently bring to everyone else’s lives. So let’s eat some chocolate cake and celebrate you!

PS: I still wanna make out with you


Happy Birthday Nanna!

I just wanted to say thank you for all the fun over the years, even when you had to put up with me being a young’un (sorry not sorry!) Hope your birthday is wonderful, and here’s to many more! Sending many, many hugs!


Hello , Nanna. I know its early, but HAPPY 40th birthday, honey! I hope you get the best birthday ever and many MANY more years. I love you so much and you deserve everything in the world has to give!


Dear Nanna
We have known each other since 2012, back when Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer was in it’s prime. I vaguely remember talking to our common online friends back then, about how pleasant your company was and how we couldn’t quite explain it.

At one point, one conversational train of thought went so far that we began, humorously entertaining the idea of buying an island and building our own nation from the ground up, with only happy nerds working together to create and grow our own resources, rallied under your banner.
Soon enough we would become so wealthy and independent, that we would have to protect ourselves and develop our own military and weapons strong enough to deter anyone who would threaten to spoil our paradise!

This plotline is eerily similar to that of some Metal Gear Solid games, where independence and idolization of a leader would eventually lead to tragic conflict.

There was more to this strange fanfiction we came up with one day, but I’ll end it here for now and attempt to make the simple point that you are our “Boss”, Nanna. You’ve got that unexplainable charisma, that make people wanna follow you and be in your company.

Soooo yeah.. Love your face and I’m happy you exist!

Happy Birthday.


Happy birthday to you dear Nanna! I am beyond lucky and happy that our lives have intertwined the way that it has, overjoyed to call you my friend, because you ROCK gurl! You inspire me on so many levels, not only as a content creator but as friend, a mom, and a human being! You radiate warmth, togetherness and joy, and I am lucky to partake in it. My life would so much less without you! Cheers to you, and for many more days to come! SKÅL!


Nanna my love you give so much to so many people… I hope this discord adequately expresses how much you give to each one of us since I can’t split my disability check evenly among all the streamers I love…this is the best I can do… give you all my love and all my support for as long as you continue streaming.

Love you Nanna
Free Hugs

Am I smelling decrepitude? Oooh yea! One of us, one of us! Welcome to the life of Dinosaurs and Sales for the elderly! Hope your birthday is filled with Fun, Friends, and Dad Jokes!
Stay Awesome!

Thanks for being yourself. That is the best gift for everyone!

Myself and my family wish you a fantastic birthday Ma’am. Honestly coming into your chat is like walking into one of your closest friends, those who are able to listen to you, and tell you that which is the most important to you is great, but also that you’re no use to them un-rested.
Thank you for being one of the most wholesome, loveable and caring people I know. Your casual and friendly vibe, shared with everyone you know shows above all else how you truly value the people you surround and share your life with.
I am honoured to call you a truly great friend. We love to to hear you talk to us and make us feel both welcome and cared about, all in the same sentence. Much love from Peanut, Roxie and Logan.

Happy Birthday you wonderful person! Wishing you nothing but the best because you seriously deserve it!
-Love from Ella and Evie

Happy birthday, Nanna! You are one of the most remarkable people I have had the honor to meet on this platform. Your kindness radiates through the screen and inspires a community of others to act the same. The world is brighter and less lonely to navigate for so many because you’re in it.

Happy Birthday to the Wonderful Nanna! Thank you for bringing me so much joy over the years with your streams. I am lucky to have you in my life. Here is hoping your birthday is full of joyous laughter, happy tears, and fond memories. Sending you lots of warm hugs!
-Love, Warpy

Happy 40th birthday Nanna!

Best wishes from DonyellFreak